What is the good time to launch product on product hunt?

Hey Community, I am Nitin, a product developer @ VenEx. VenEx is an equity free compensation model, to hire and retain talent 10x better by gamifying the workspace. We have been working on this product since so long and have 1 paying customer as of now. Is it the good time to launch our product on PH(Product Hunt)?


Dow Osage, MBA
PH can cause a surge of trial accounts, so make sure you have Support team and bandwidth to handle that in case you're lucky and that happens. You will want at least one person to sit on PH all day and answer user questions, thank folks for their feedback, etc and someone in Ops/Eng standing by in case the surge causes unexpected bottleneck or the DB slows down, etc. Once you have all that, you're ready to line up your Twitter & LinkedIn & FB followers to let them know to come upvote you so you get in the top product of the day. Good luck!