What is the best user onboarding software?

Aleksi Halsas
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Am starting work on onboarding for our product for the next couple of weeks and am figuring out what no code onboarding tool to use for it. Currently been using Intercom, but not happy with it. Am atleast considering https://userflow.com/ and https://www.appcues.com/ Any recommendations or thoughts on pros and cons of different softwares for user onboarding? Something that also scales for freemium with low value per active user would be great, if that kind of option would be available (have not found one).


Jhon Albert
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Ryan Gilbert
I think https://www.arcade.software/ from @caroline_clark is super interesting and pretty new to the space! Definitely worth keeping an eye on them. I'm pretty sure it's also 100% free as of right now with paid features coming in the future.
Aleksi Halsas
@caroline_clark @ryangilbert Tried this out and really love the idea. The current implementation seems to be just screenshots so doesnt really match our need, but would love to hear more once it can be implemented in app!
Roman Vorozhtsov
Hi. Why are you not happy with the Intercom?
Aleksi Halsas
@roman_vorozhtsov Couple of reasons, first of all the pricing is not very clear. The cost quickly ramps up if you want to use all of the features they have, but this is not really the main reason. I am not really happy with how it allows to guide new users. The product tours is closest to what you have for guiding users, but it doesnt allow you to create for example checklists etc. Overall will probably keep on using Intercom for chat and help center features.
Abraham Samma
User onboarding is such an underappreciated problem among developers, especially when the app solves a non-trivial problem. You really need to help users uncover the pattern of use needed to unlock insights and whatnot. Kind of like how well made video games seamlessly mesh the tutorial with the game so you naturally learn the rules without even noticing it.
Kim Salmi
@absamma and this can't really be done well with an external software. It needs to be built in to the main product.
Aleksi Halsas
@absamma @infr I think parts of it can be done via 3rd party software also, dont you think? Like checklists how you are progressing on onboarding etc
Kim Salmi
I would say that you will get the best results if you just build it in to the main product, only problem is that this will require UX/UI design & development resources. I have used Pendo and Intercom but I did not like either one that much.
Ramon Devils
Onboarding is designed to help your users learn the ropes while they use your app for the first time. It's essential that you make a great first impression—the average app loses 77% of its daily active users after just 3 days.
Carsten Pleiser
Have you checked out UserPilot? We're doing a trial with them, also moving our onboarding from Intercom to them and it's like 10x better when it comes to adoption. Intercom needs to add way more to their platform but they are great for comms and support.
Aleksi Halsas
@ckpleiser Havent tried it out, thanks a lot for the recommendation, will check it out. What are the exact features in Userpilot that has really made a difference for you and is there some site where I could see it straight in practice?
Carsten Pleiser
@aleksi_halsas1 Much more flexibility when it comes to setting up product tours. Allowing users to also restart the tour where they left off. Better customisation and also interesting UI patterns like checklists etc.
Ruben Lozano
Hello Aleksi, Besides the ones you mentioned, I know Chameleon: https://www.trychameleon.com/. Cheers,
Kathie Murphy
Hey guys, why don't you check Mind HR onboarding software - https://bit.ly/3hePzXk , This might be a new one but very popular on some other software listing sites.
Ajay Ravichandran
Hey Aleksi, Have you tried out Whatfix? - https://bit.ly/3BQ4jFu Easy Installation: While other DAP installation requires some technical knowledge, starting with Whatfix is as simple as adding a browser extension. Automated Content Creation: When you create walk-throughs, Whatfix automatically generates the information in multiple content formats, including slideshows and videos. SCORM Compliance: Whatfix’s SCORM-compliant packages enable you to easily upload walk-throughs to your learning management system (LMS) to create interactive courses. Contextualized Guidance: Whatfix offers relevant walk-throughs and self-help articles, depending on the person’s role and their location within the application. Moreover, you can create several widgets like checklists, Beacon, Smart tips & flops. Higher Ratings: Whatfix consistently receives higher ratings & reviews on platforms like Capterra and G2, in categories ranging from customer support to ease of use to features and functionality.
Aleksi Halsas
@ajay_ravichandran To be honest dont like the fact that it doesnt have transparent pricing, so wont try it out.
Gautam Bhat
I'm building https://checklisty.xyz, we are currently offering a lifetime free plan to all beta users. We allow you to create an onboarding checklist with guides and videos embedded into a modal to allow you to train users and make onboarding easy. Might be relevant to you.
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