What is the best tech stack for building SaaS Products in 2022?

Rutik Wankhade
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If someone wishes to build something in 2022, what tech stack would you choose and why? I mean for the whole product. Like as frontend, styling, database or backend as a service, email, payments, and all the other stuff.


Ivan Ralic
I can talk forever about different stacks, frameworks, microservices vs monoliths, FaaS vs PaaS etc. But I don't believe any of those things matter. You should choose whatever is the fastest for you. When you are small you do not really need to think about scalability and profitability. Just build something people would pay for as soon as possible, then optimize it. I've seen startups refactor their whole stacks when they become successful as well as startups fail because they are too slow with developing perfect systems. Just do it as soon as possible, as fast as possible with as little buzz words as possible 😄
Rutik Wankhade
@ralic This makes perfect sense. Thanks for sharing 🙌
Vaibhav Dwivedi
@ralic Literally was about to share the same thought. Thank you, Ivan.
Aleksandr V
Hi Rutik, Good question! Especially, as SaaS needs good payment experience for user. Here is my stack that I use in 2022 for my SaaS project InsiderBuyStock.com: Hosting: AWS: EC2 for demons, Amplify for Web Backend: NodeJs + ExpressJs DB: MongoDB Frontend: NextJs + Tailwind css + Tailwind UI Payments: Stripe Emails: Mailgun Analytics: GA + ChartMogul In Stripe I use Customer portal, so all the billing part covered by them - very convenient. What about you?