What is the best support documentation service for SaaS?

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What are the most popular services for creating support documentation? I'm also thinking about creating it myself.


Kesava Mandiga
The biggies are Zendesk and Intercom. I've used both for support documentation in the past. More recently, I've been hearing good things about Help Scout (https://www.helpscout.com) and their focus on usability.
Pradeepa Somasundaram
Actually, you don't need to look for a service to create Support documentation. Instead, you can hire a technical writer in-house and ask him/her to write the support documentation. All they need is a good Knowledge base tool, and support from your helpdesk and product team. In this case, I would suggest you look into Document360- A popular knowledge base tool designed for SaaS companies. Here are some reasons why: Self-service portal: Document360 allows you to create a self-service portal where customers can search for solutions to their problems. This can help reduce the number of support tickets your team receives, freeing them up to focus on more complex issues. Knowledge base creation: Document360 allows you to create a comprehensive knowledge base that covers all aspects of your SaaS product. You can organize your knowledge base by topic, making it easy for customers to find the information they need. Multi-language support: If your SaaS product is used by customers around the world, you may need to provide documentation in multiple languages. Document360 allows you to create documentation in multiple languages, making it easy to support your global customer base. Version control: As your SaaS product evolves, you will need to update your documentation to reflect changes. Document360 allows you to manage multiple versions of your documentation, making it easy to keep your documentation up to date. Analytics: Document360 provides detailed analytics on how your customers are interacting with your documentation. You can see which articles are being viewed the most, which search terms are being used, and more. This can help you identify areas where your documentation can be improved. Overall, Document360 is an excellent platform for creating and managing SaaS customer support documentation. Its features make it easy to create a comprehensive knowledge base that can help reduce support tickets and improve customer satisfaction. https://document360.com/