What is the best piece of advice you would want to give a freelancer who's just started.

Shivi Jalota
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Ujjawal Sharma
Meet important deadlines Give each client the attention they deserve Create work/life balance
Srishty Chaudhary
My advice would be to keep yourself upskilling and follow the latest trends in the industry. Ask yourself a question, "what's the best I can give to my client?" or "what would you ask for if you were a client?". The answers of these two questions will motivate you to give your best.
David Babins
Definitely, keep brainstorming and updated, specialized in particular areas of the business and take action 24/7/365! ... :) 100 Trending Freelancer Platform Businesses to Watch in 2022 Looking for examples of successful freelancer platform businesses?  FYI... a list of the most popular and famous freelancer platform businesses ... https://www.starterstory.com/ide...
Elena Cirera
They should be Self-disciplined, flexible, motivated and highly professional. Deadlines are crucial for projects; only self-disciplined people can satisfy their clients.