What is most challenging about launching a product?

Preeti Chovoor
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I am a new launcher and I would love to get some advice from you! Feel free to shout out your product as well, I love to support! Here's my upcoming product! https://www.producthunt.com/upco... Check us out on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/letsge...


Eman Zabi 🚀
Love the product you're working on Preeti! The most challenging part of a PH launch is usually being able to distill all the information about your product into something that makes sense to other people, and gets them excited about it! Often, as we're building a product, it's easy to get too close to it and not be able to see the big picture, and we get caught up in the minutia when talking about it!
Daniel Baum
Cool! Big board game guy, can't wait to play! And love the logo
Lalit Tyagi
getting in market right time with right sense of understanding of market. There are many more to list out Right team in place who can resonate with your vision On time product development On time and with right time launch -Crucial Good luck for your new product Preeti and wish you success
Preeti Chovoor
@lalit_mrt Thank you for this advice Lalit! What is considered a right time to launch?
Lalit Tyagi
@preeti_chovoor So when we say a right time to be honest going to give you contradict statement. Actually there is nothing called right time. It is basically your own feeling. When you feel it you are ready that is actually a time to go . Any product launch will always have 2 fates. Thats long story will tell you some other time. But as I said nothing called as right time.