What is it that makes Product Hunt valuable to you?

Daniel Illenberger
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Things that I have gotten from PH are -looking at other peoples projects inspires new ideas. -The community gives thoughtful feedback on discussions and projects. -I have started using many tools recommended by the PH community. I would love to hear what you guys get out of PH?


Agreed! For me: - Getting inspiration from the launches that go on - Comfort that the community is going through the same things as me - Early access and visibility to amazing new products that I wouldn't have otherwise seen - Just being part of a likeminded community - The ability to support my Indie Hacker friends
I think the most important thing that comes to mind is inspiration. Everyday new products solving specific problems are launched, and it definitely gives me a different way of looking at things. Another commenter mentioned the sense of community in PH and I totally agree. It's oddly comforting to hear about difficulties faced by different creators, launchers, and whoever else. It brings a sense of humanity to a world full of massive feats and accomplishments. Behind those great moments are moments of doubt and challenges. I'm always looking for the 1) daily inspiration and 2) sense of community that PH brings :)
Elena Cirera
Feedback and initial support of PH members to each other
David Mungai
I feel like its one of very few places where indie developers get appreciated, and the community is full of people who have already walked the path many of us as founders need to and are willing to share their experiences.