What is essential for you in a productivity app/software tool?

Martina Hackbartt
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Hey, all! There are many productivity tools out there offering different features. But I still haven't found one that covers everything I want. To me, the essential features a perfect tool must have are: - A good text editor ( I mean, I love notion. But why is it so hard to bring the text there to other formats? Sometimes I summarize some things inside notion, but taking them to an actual doc or pdf is so painful!) - Simple, minimalistic design - A good place to have random thoughts and things that I need to get done without losing sight of them - Good integrations!! I use Gcal a lot, so I would love to have a productivity software that actually integrates with it. What about you?


For me, it is the ability to seamlessly collaborate with others. Integration with Grammarly is also a big one for me.
ankita singh
I think easy and simple UI and some useful integrations
Luka Vasic
The customisability, collaboration options, and integrations with other apps.
Paul VanZandt
For productivity tools, the thing I really focus on is Time Saved > Time Using. I need to save more time than I spend using the tool for it to be worth it. This generally manifests in good, quick UI and simple integrations.
Martina Hackbartt
@paul_vanzandt Thanks for sharing! Which tool are you using at the moment?
Paul VanZandt
@martina_hackbartt Mainly ClickUp to track tasks - creating them is easy and it saves me so much time when wondering what I have to do next. The next part is not procrastinating that step πŸ˜…
Kinanti Desyanandini
My essentials are quite similar to you, my add on would be that they have to be very portable and fast! So either an iOS app that's actually an app and not a wrapper or webview, and blazing fast performance since I'm likely short on time whenever I use these apps 😊 As an example, Todoist and Trello both have options that add multiple tasks for me if I paste in multi-line text. I'm still struggling with the spot for random thoughts, I tried mymind but I'm not quite sold on paying for it yet πŸ€” My current workaround is a Notion bookmarker, but I hardly ever review it 😬
Martina Hackbartt
@kina Ugh yes, the amount of great desktop tools that are awful on mobile is huge. I still haven't found any productivity app that works for me, but will try with Todoist and Trello! For random thoughts, I have a specific place in my notion "dashboard"; it's not ideal but does the job...
Ujjawal Sharma
For me, It's analytics and automation.
Martina Hackbartt
@ujjawal_sharma Thanks for sharing! Which productivity tool/s are you using atm?
Solomon Bush
I have tried a ton over the years. My favorite right now is Notion. Easy to use, cross-platform, and easy to collab. I use it for tracking everything from notes to sprint planning and software dev docs. ___ But tbh, for just staying personally productive, my favorite tools are a kitchen timer and a small notebook that I can fit in my back pocket. I don't like productivity apps on my phone. Every time I pick up my phone I get distracted by everything else on it, SMS, email, etc. So a notebook is perfect - every time I open it up, it only shows me tasks that I need to do. And the kitchen timer for the same reason :)
Martina Hackbartt
@solomon_bush I don't like productivity apps on my phone as well. As you said, it's impossible not to get distracted by other things. Thanks a lot for sharing!
Denis Shabanov
So far, the best and most alternative for productive teamwork is the Google ecosystem. Google Docs + Google Calendar covers most tasks. But separately such services as "planyway" for project management and "notion" for working with data are good. One of the main advantages of these services is a minimalistic and simple design, because they are supposed to "simplify" the work
Notion! I use it for almost all aspects of my business - even the product itself! Highly recommend. Always happy to help if anyone has any Notion related questions too ☺️
Qudsia Ali
While I utilize various online tools to arrange assignments and deadlines (Trello, Asana), I find it simpler to manage my projects when they are right in front of me. As a result, in my ideal PM program, I'd like the ability to create as many workspaces as I need, each with various lists and tags for simple organizing.
Liana Karapetyan
Integrations with different apps so that I don't add double burden when I need something extra - just a one-stop-shop solution.
James Hollston
Clean design of the app and simple integration with other products. Automation of the most frequent steps
Martina Hackbartt
@jordan_quell Automation would be perfect! Do you know any tool that has a feature like that?
Dylan Merideth
I dont think productivity is a zero-sum game. It takes many forms, and different activities can have conflicting optimizations that a productivity application would look to leverage in feature building. That being said, UI is crucial, tooling and relative proximity(integrations), emotional feeling of empowerment (user feels like they can do more), efficient learning curve:functionality unlock ratio. This aids with the time investment piece and perceived effort in to time saved that @paul_vanzandt is referencing
James Tedy
For work-related, I like something with a lot of features (e.g Notion), nice UI and UX, and quick loading time. For personal stuff, I'm just using a plain simple to-do list because I just need a to-do list with a reminder feature. I'm using Mac default app called Reminders
Guy Barner
Really depends on the type of productivity (team/solo, business/pleasure etc), but as it is a productivity tool, by far the most important thing is that it's accessible and easy to use. I think that because productivity tools are almost always an addition, we won't spend too much time learning them, and if we can't get value quickly, we'll drop out. Also, they need to be super accessible - if I can't use them in a second the moment I need them, they will not be very productive (e.g., if there's no mobile app, or if there are too many steps to do an action)
Siena Romes
Integrations and straightforward UI! Customizability is also a plus!
Komal Narwani
Funnily enough, we thought the same thing when building Weavit - we built it for random, scattered thoughts and also for your random ideas. In addition, Weavit integrates with GCal making it a great tool to take random notes on your day. If this is what you're looking for -> Do give it a try! www.weavit.ai
Martina Hackbartt
@komalnarwani Hi Komal! Sounds amazing. Could you share the link to Weavit with us?
Komal Narwani
@martina_hackbartt Hi Martina! Absolutely - here it is: www.weavit.ai and a direct link to download on the App Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/we...
don alex
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Kirman Smith
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Mr. Sh!ne
Minimal user interface is definitely 1st thing to consider, customization of the tools and workspace is important for smooth workflow