What is best way to find jobs at startups?

Abhinav Prakash
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Hi folks 👋, I find it difficult to find jobs at startups. Would you please share the platforms/techniques for getting a job in startups . Thanks.


Nik Hazell
Product Led Growth, SaaS, Environment
Angelist is always a good place to start - otherwise, community slack workspaces! What job are you looking for?
Abhinav Prakash
Looking for DEV jobs.
I'm looking for dev jobs in the domain of Python/cloud/applied ML.
Collin Thompson
Building tryintrepid.com
YCombinator startup school is a great forum to network with founders and apply to jobs. I would also be a regular on Angellist. I would say though—the best way would be to build a personal relationship with the founders.
ML researcher
https://workatastartup.com lets you apply for multiple jobs at once.
Ira GI
Technology girl, software development
There is a wonderful site in job search - UpWork
Manoj Ranaweera
SkilledUp Life, Deal Lite & Techcelerate
Whilst we do not offer jobs, you can gain Experience and Skills by helping a tech startup at www.skilledup.life. Then use these Experiences and Skills to land a job from elsewhere. All the opportunities on SkilledUp Life are from tech startups. Currently those from the UK, USA, India and Sri Lanka.