What is a good alternative to Draw.io for creating architecture/flow diagrams?

Sanveer Singh Osahan
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Domhnall O' Hanlon
Have you looked at Miro @sanveer_osahan? Started playing around with it last week and it seems pretty powerful! In the paid version they give you access to AWS,GCP, etc icons too
I'm a big fan of Whimsical.
Sanveer Singh Osahan
Hey @rishibuilding, any cool features of Whimsical that you like?
@sanveer_osahan love the infinite canvas and simplicity of the interface. I use it for wireframes, mindmaps, flow charts, docs, and project boards.
Valeria Migova
I'd recommend to try online whiteboard Weje. I use it for creating flowcharts
Talia Bender
Hi Sanveer, Miro is great! We have used it for our business strategy canvas and for virtual collaboration during several company-wide meetings.
Stefani Kovachevska
If you're looking for a more tech-oriented solution, consider Lucid Chart https://www.lucidchart.com/ . I think it's the most similar to Draw.io from what I remember, only comes with a lot better look & feel and has many chart templates. Cawemo https://cawemo.com/ is BPMN/DMN flow only, but I'd definitely recommend it. Miro https://miro.com/ is definitely among the go-to standard tools for online visualization, including a great database of resources: boards, widgets, templates, images, icons, etc. Mural https://www.mural.co/ is also great, similar to Miro with a lot of templates to get you started. I believe all of these require you to sign up to use them and have limited features, i.e. number of boards, users etc, unlike Draw.io. However, they are quite handy and offer a better UI/UX. The last two are not strictly tech-oriented but rather also come with many business resources, brainstorming canvases, and team exercises for online collaboration too. Good luck! @sanveer_osahan
Shalin Designs
I think there is also another option for architecture drawing and drafting, here I the one: CAD (Computer-Aided Design) drawing https://shalindesigns.com/cad-de... improves the quality of architects and engineers in several ways. It allows for precise and accurate measurements, enhances visualization and communication of design ideas, enables efficient modifications and iterations, facilitates error detection, and promotes collaboration among team members. Overall, CAD drawing helps architects and engineers streamline https://shalindesigns.com/blog/c... their workflows, reduce errors and deliver high-quality designs with improved efficiency and precision. User
Andrew Firestone
Try mermaidchart.com! It’s the best tool for engineers