What in your opinion is the next big thing in sales tech?

Dima Zubchenko
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Looking at the current market and trends I foresee 3 main trends in sales tech 1. In-depth sales analytics. Clients buying trends, data collection, and interpretation. Dissemination of suggestions to customers based on recent purchases. Buying and selling trend forecasting and planning. 2. Sales personalisation tools & CX Personalisation and social selling with a help of AI 3. Conversational intelligence and sales training Human to Human rather than Business to Business Huge demand in sales training as a part of sales enablement and growth AI feedback on recorded calls and demos What do you think?


Daniel Engels
I'd say, something in the field of account-based marketing and joint sales (watch Reveal, a scale-up with huge potential). Deeper sales intelligence etc.
Dima Zubchenko
@daniel_engels sales intelligence is definitely a thing. Didn’t find reveal though, can you share a link?