What have you learned from your job?

Paul VanZandt
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Whether you're a founder, developer, project manager, or somewhere in between; what skills have you learned organically or been required to learn in the course of your work? How has this helped you both inside and outside of your job?


Ludovico Petrali
Main learning for me is that having positive people around you is very crucial to build a growth/learning environment. As basically everyone in the founding team of a start up I worked a bit on each department and I realised that usually is not impossible to acquire skills on the journey - even when from the outside they look like very hard skills Practically, I learnd a lot about Growth and Fundraising especially: Spotting different channels, which one to prioritise, having a clear communication strategy, how/when to reach out to investors, how to find their contacts Looking forward to learn much more!
Broder Dominiqueson
@ludovico_petrali You have share what I was about to share. Besides that I had learn to start my own business. Thats why in the previous month I started https://babyapk.com/marvel-futur... . Job taught alot of things to if an indivitual want to learn.
To be patient. I have learned that nothing is possible ''over the night'', and everything needs devotion for growth... It's a very important lesson as in business as in private life...
Paul VanZandt
@maria_brm I completely agree. It's easy to set unrealistic expectations for yourself, making you feel behind. Thanks for the response!
Before answering the question, take a moment to reflect on your experiences at your most recent job and determine what challenges you overcame while working there. Write down some of the areas you've improved on in the past year or a mistake that you were able to learn from and correc
Paul VanZandt
@prepaidgift_balance Starting with the problems and understanding how you conquered them is a great place to start when determining how you've grown your knowledge. Thanks for sharing!
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I think that each job teaches patience, but also life.
Irakli Esakia
I learned a lot about myself while I was a teacher.. Discovered that process of sharing with knowledge and experience with next generation and seeing how they are using it makes me happy!
Maya Ben Zid
For me, the key lessons are: - Take ownership of every decision. I feel the need to be my own manager and have my own vision for building product growth. - Vibes are everything. I do my best to treat clients and colleagues well and make sure we have fun at work. - Hard work always pays off but most important returns usually come in the long haul.
Paul VanZandt
@maya_ovice Taking ownership is one of the biggest hurdles to being an effective leader and is an incredibly important thing to own. Thanks for the feedback!
Kazimieras Melaika
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