What goals do your pursue in your B2B SaaS Product Hunt launch strategy?

Carsten Pleiser
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Demand Curve recommends optimising for email capture, unless you have a free app, social network or consumer product. What do you optimise for?


Carsten Pleiser
@shashcoffe keen to hear your thoughts?
Alexey Shashkov
@ckpleiser Thanks for mention me, Carsten. Our primary goal for the Product Hunt launch is to get lots of new users. Our secondary goal is to get «1-5 Product of the day» to improve our trust.
Fabian Maume
It depends on how advance is your SaaS and if you have a free trial. For early-stage startups, the focus is to get user feedback. So if you have a free trial, just optimized for signup. If you are a more establish startup you can aim for the fam of finishing in the top 5 of the day. If you do not have an existing list of users to email it is quite unlikely for you to finish in the top 5. You might be interested in my blog post on this topic: https://fabian-maume.medium.com/...
Carsten Pleiser
@fabian_maume Thanks so much and will definitely read your blog post on that topic.
Paul Mit
If you don't already have a product, a good strategy is to schedule several Product Hunt launches, each with different goals and metrics: phase 0 / introduce the future product and get users on a waitlist for beta testing → goal: email base phase 1 / MVP release to get early adopters → goal: users phase 2 / Stable version with whole functionality → goal: retention + paid users
Carsten Pleiser
@mituhin Thanks, this makes total sense.
Paul Mit
I recently helped with the launch of an interesting product (Beseda), which took its first successful steps on phase 0, where our goals were: — Waitlist for early access. — Product awareness. — Early communication with VC analysts. — User base for UX Reseach.
Nickolay Gavrilev
Hi Carsten, Just as you have mentioned, we also made b2b saas product. And launched it on Product Hunt a year ago, got the 3rd Product of the day, though. Yesterday I posted our key learnings from that experience, have a look in case you interested Here's the link: https://www.producthunt.com/disc...