What don't you like about todays social media sites?

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Security, community, design? Something else?


Noel Emmanuel
No innovation, security issues, privacy invasion
Margarita Shvetsova
Lots of ads and promotions I guess.
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@margarita_s88 How would they stay up then?
Margarita Shvetsova
@max15 yeah, I don't deny that fact, just saying what I don't like about social media. Actually I try not to spend too much time there, as it gives me too much information noise.
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@margarita_s88 Ya I know, just can't think of how it would work with no ads, maybe like a donation system. 😅
Margarita Shvetsova
@max15 yes, donation or subscription like Youtube and many others do :) The ads sometimes get so annoying that I activate the subscription and enjoy uninterrapted videos :) but I can't do that on Instagram.
Fully of spammy content
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@maxwellcdavis How do you think producthunt stays pretty clean from that?
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@jacquelinclem 😂I hear you! What's your poison of choice?
Amarnath Nagula
They are always listening and showing ads, which is what I hate about today's social media sites especially Facebook's - Instagram.
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@amarnath_nagula What if you picked your interest in ads that way there would be no need for data collection for targeting?
Too much add and security issues
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@daryakhmetova What would be the business model then?
Sarah Jordi
The focus on rewarding narcissism, which creates this annoying "me", "me", "me" culture.
Jaskiran Kaur
Social media sites are not secure. Sometimes people post inappropriate post that is humanly insane, people spamming posts and messages,etc
Victor David
Too many followers. By that, I mean social media tends to arrange itself in clumps of people who almost religiously follow a person - or a small group of persons - who have been anointed by the group as the sage(s) whose pronouncements are rarely questioned. Many give a nod to the idea of free thinking; they don't want it in the clique, however. It's like people fail to see the irony of enthusiastically agreeing with advice such as "beware of advice because the giver rarely follows it themselves" There are other problems with social media of course such as privacy and algorithms that encourage addictive engagement, but in the end social media is what it is because of people, not the tech that powers it.
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@codemongo I agree with you 100% except the last part, I feel like the rules and abilities given to decide what type of platform it is!
Mike Savoff
The people that use them don't really know how to use them properly. This causes a lot of social damage at large scales, misinformation, and promotes a lot of negative habits and ways of thinking. They cause depression, desensitization and they're full of repetitive, old, spammy content. The algorithm messes up your experience and pushes you away from friends for the sake of giving you "the right content for you, based on your behavior". The ads are great tho, lol.
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@mike_at_checkout_x YOU LIKE THE ADS??🤯🤯
Alina Ihnatiuk
A lot of advertising
Ira GI
I often face the problem of design
Toni Schach
Blatant disregard for our collective mental health, exploiting our data for profit, constant and addictive doom-scrolling, the noise from all the things/ads I don't actually care about - the list goes on and on.
Ildi Xhaholli
Todays social media sites control our data, force their algorithms into our feeds, and many are desperately serving ads trying to milk users attention for w/e its worth (looking at you Instagram). The most popular social platforms are completely centralized and give their users zero ownership. All revenue generated goes to the company/investors. Content creators are sometimes offered partnership deals or tools to monitize, but only the most popular make the majority of that money. Would be nice to have one of the top social media sites be completely open-source and built in a manner where users control 100% of their data from day one.
Steve Procter
their very existence.