What does your morning routine look like?

Martina Hackbartt
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Hey, hunters! Yesterday I was reading an article about how a morning routine can change the way you function throughout the day. And thought about asking all of you about your routines, and why not maybe include other new habits :) My morning routine is quite simple, but this is what I'm doing now that I'm not having on-site classes at uni: -Waking up at around 7:30/8 -Stretching for a few minutes -Making breakfast -Breakfast while reading a few pages of a book (non-study related) -Planning the day and if it's Monday, set some objectives for the week (I mainly use Notion and ReSkript)


Ryan Gilbert
⏰ wake up at 5:40am ☕️ make coffee and catch up on email 💻 start working at 6:00am ☕️ more coffee 🍽 eat lunch sometime between 11:30-12:30
Martina Hackbartt
@ryangilbert The willpower you must have to wake up at 5:40! Thanks a lot for sharing, Ryan
-Waking up at around 7:50/8 -Making breakfast with somes Youtube video - Open my Outlook and send give some answers - Planning the day
⏰ wake up 5:30am 🍵 make my routine breakfast. currently on a repeat eating oatmeal + matcha and soy milk latte 💚 3 hours deep work on my side hustle 💻 start working full time job at 10am Hoping to incorporate some light stretching soon!
Martina Hackbartt
@allison_mui Wow! Waking up at 5:30 sounds tough. Do you go to bed early? Or are you a superhuman? Haha
@martina_hackbartt hahah very early. usually around 9. no superhuman here! very envious of those that exist tho :D
Shrutika More
Hi @martina_hackbartt mine is pretty simple -wake up at 6:00am -doing breakfast, reading book, checking out twitter and social media -going to work -come back home by 8:30pm -have dinner with family -work on freelance project -sleep by 12
Graeme O’Connor
Wake up with sunrise around 7am 30mins meditation 30mins jog Shower etc. 15mins Anki cards Then I start planning my day
Kat Robinson
Wake Cat hugs Phone quick view Feed animals Coffee Walk Shower Work GO
Roman Vorozhtsov
Hello, Martina! My morning: I wake up at 7:00. 7:10-8:00 Hot bath 8:00 light breakfast 8:30 zoom call with team 10:00 breakfast 11:00 training session I start working hard at 13:00
Urszula Ostrowska
⏰ wake up at 6:15am 💻 start working at 7:00am ✔️ make some planning for the day ✉️ catching up on emails ☕️ coffee with coworkers 💻 work! 🍽 lunch at 12:00
Ruben Lozano
Hello @martina_hackbartt - Wake up around 8:00 AM. - Open the windows, make lemon and ginger glass and go for a quick walk. - Organise the home and quick clean. - If working from home, I will make coffee, if I am working from a coworking or coffee shop, I will get ready and go have a coffee there. - Start to catch up with emails, notifications, slack channels, tasks and check metrics and performance. - Then, start to execute tasks around 9:30 AM.
Angi Bowman
I love this question! - Wake up: 7 AM. If it's going to be a hot day, I'll get up at 6 AM to get in my daily walk when it's cooler - Shower/get dressed - Start a load of laundry, make the bed and wash any dishes from my kids' breakfasts - Get our senior cat set up for the day - If I grab coffee on the way to work, I'll grab some breakfast. If not, I'll skip breakfast. (I know, I know) Once in the office, I whittle my inbox down to my most important emails and make my list of to-dos for the day. After that, I'll put on my music and jam away while working until lunch or my next meeting. Now that my husband is no longer WFH, we meet for lunch around 12:30.
Sanja Mitar
Wake up around 6 am Make coffee (mmm coffee 🥰 ) Read a couple of chapters of whatever book I'm currently reading (right now, it's LifeSpan) till 7:30 am Get my kid and husband ready for work and the day Workout at 8:15 Shower and at my desk for 9:15-9:30am