What does flexible working look like for you?

Gurpinder Singh
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Fernando Pessagno
For me, flexible working looks like being able to take a break when I need it, rather than feeling like I have to be chained to my desk all day.
Gurpinder Singh
@fer_momento right! that's actually a valid point
Arun Pariyar
To be honest at this point getting to work from home or from work is flexible enough for me I like to get things done during work hours and be done when its done.
Luka Vasic
For me flexible work enables me to determine when I can work, for example, I usually split my work into a few blocks of working. Also sometimes I want to go to an event, hang out with friends... and I can, after that, I can come home and work.
Oliver Zaciu
@luka_vasic ever try the pomodoro schedule?
Luka Vasic
@ozaciu I do it when I study, was thinking of doing it during work.
Paul VanZandt
Flexible working for me is the ability to structure the week around my schedule rather than strict work hours. Some days require more, some days require less. Also, I emphasize the philosophy of working until things are done rather than working until the day is done. This allows me to really be task-oriented and not time-oriented.
Adriel Cruz
I'm good with flexible working since I don't need to hassle whenever I get up and fix stuff. Also, I can take breaks any time I want as long as I get the tasks done.
Oliver Zaciu
@fer_momento I'm not kidding when I say, flexible work means being able to do yoga stretches in the middle of work without getting weird looks
Yuri Lisin
If I feel I need a day off today, I don't have to say I'm sick or smth:)
Gurpinder Singh
@yuryfication Its okay to take a day off when you don't feel like working. Relax your mind, do something else today
Yuri Lisin
@gurpinder_singh Im ok today, just was answering your question what is a flexible working for me, but thanks:)
Anthony Mainero
I'm in a long distance (intercontinental) relationship. Flexible working means I can fly across oceans for two months at a time, work strange hours, and still keep launching. It means that I can read a book in the middle of the workday when the rest of my team is asleep, and come back for the afternoon recharged. It means owning less stuff too: a laptop, a few good sets of clothes, and a great backpack are plenty professional when roaming around :)
Kazimieras Melaika
Taking a break when you need it and the possibility to catch up after working hours or on weekends. Also, trust and respect from your team on your schedule. Btw, we’re launching in late May or the beginning of June. Check out our upcoming PH page: www.producthunt.com/upcoming/eff...
Ujjawal Sharma
Flexible work for me would be a work-life balance at all times.
Take time for yourself when you need it without having to have your supervisor validate your days To organize our working time as we wish !
Gurpinder Singh
@enola_vedovotto that's exactly how it should be!
Maya Ben Zid
Having full control of when, where, and how I work. Any constraints on any of these fronts would ruin flexibility to me.
Qudsia Ali
Flexible working is all about finding the right balance between work and home life. After struggling for more than 2 years with COVID, I guess I have finally become a lot better at it. Now I can work at flexible hours while still maintaining my work-life balance.
Flexible work means working out the required hours at any time of the day.
I'd say flexible goes a lot with async as that allows each person to work at the best moment for them. And for async work, I feel an efficient organisational tool is needed to each team member knows precisely what's expected of them. Feels like a lot of the flexible work policies struggle to give clear goals to teams so they always end up reverting to sync. WDYT?