What do you usually do when you have a problem?

Peter agar
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How do you tackle the situation and muster up the motivation?


Good question! When I have the time, I try to understand the root of the problem, the underlying cause, before starting to look for a solution
Qudsia Ali
I usually evaluate the problems, and if I'm not sure what to do, I seek advice from experts.
Peter agar
@qudsia_ali Discussing your problems with others who are more experienced helps you solve your problem at a higher pace.
Sandra Djajic
If I'm really struggling with a problem, I'll talk to others. Otherwise, I'll get stuck in my head and make it into a bigger problem than it is. Asking for advice always gives me a fresh perspective.
Susan Harris Scott
When the problem is too big to be solved in one shot, I try to break it down in smaller problems and I start to solve all them one by one. At the end the bigger one is solved too !!!