What do you use to search for and discover new clothes/shoes/jackets?

Adriel Yong
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Hey everyone! The e-commerce space and search engines have improved dramatically over the last few years, content and products have grown astronomically too. However, I feel overwhelmed by the amount of products and marketing that flash out whenever I attempt to shop for things on an ecommerce platform. At the same time, finding reviews of actual users in forums like reddit male fashion advice can be time consuming, but rewarding. How do you search for new fashion additions to your wardrobe effectively and efficiently?


Jonas Schaller
I have some shops i always look first, the biggest i use is called ASOS, they have pretty good stuff and also when you click on an item you like and the model wears some other stuff to, they show related products. Also sometimes i just use instagram to look what other people wear and what fits good. Also there (i dont use it but the concept is brilliant) is an app called 21 Buttons where people can upload there Outfit and link the products directly, so you have an instagram feed but for clothing only. But yeah you are right it is way more easy as female to find fashion advice
David Babins
FYI, as per the following might help, in case it might be unknown and useful for your requirements etc... :) Lyst - Your World of Fashion The Biggest Selection. Shop over 12,000 brands and stores in one place. Find exactly what you want with powerful search and personal recommendations. ​https://www.lyst.com/ https://www.lyst.com/about/
James Draper
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Sabine Ruest
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Alex Zai
When you’re shopping online for something to wear, like a down jacket for winter or dress shoes to match a new outfit, it can be useful to see style options across lots of different stores. But with the number of options online, it isn’t always easy to know what’s out there, find inspiration, compare your choices and decide what and where to buy. You can check my blog for amazing stuff https://bootsworth.com/
Jack Henry
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Nick Bess
I usually check my favorite store first. In case I don't find what I need, I surf the Internet.
Kate Middle
I also have several favourite stores, but I feel easy to browse some stores I came across by ads. That was the case with Princessly. It appeared to be a great store. I already bought several dresses for me and my daughter from them. Next month my brother is getting married and I found a dress for my mother there. Do you think it's a nice option for a 53 yo lady? -
Alex Jaun
I mostly read latest reviews and guides from https://shoespundit.com/. I also buy everything from this blog, You can also visit.
Elena Shchebetun
My personal favorite store is the Sleeper brand, I really like this brand and the quality of the clothes. I recently bought some luxury loungewear, and just loved it!
Dua Ans
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