What do you think of automated DM for followers on Twitter?

Richard Gao
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I've followed a couple of accounts that auto DM me on Twitter. What do you think about this? Clever? Inauthentic? Curious to know :)


Carmela Padasas
depends on what about it: for auto DM from a tweet, its fine but for cold dms, totally cold
Abhinav Yadav
I think it is a great idea, especially if you are trying to develop a brand beyond Twitter and want to redirect the audience toward that.
Ahmed M. Hussien
automated DMs on Twitter can be seen as impersonal and spammy, especially if they are not relevant
Saul Fleischman
Inauthentic and something no one but really, really old people still do. We all read right through it; it gets people nothing but being seen as a pest.
Luca Restagno
@tiagorbf @maxwellcdavis it depends on the message and the relationship you have with your audience. I've been using it for a lot of time and with different messages. The first rule is: if you try to hide the fact that's automated, it'll look automated. So here's mine: --- Hey Luca here šŸ‘‹ I want to say hi because I know you just followed me. Today I have a special gift for you: a Notion guide about Generating Leads on Twitter! šŸŽ ā¬‡ļø _link_ BTW, apart from that, this is what Iā€™m working on: ā€¢ http://hivoe.com ā€” Twitter Leads Generation Platform ā€¢ http://inboxs.io ā€” Twitter DM CRM & Productivity Inbox Even though this message is automated, I try my best to talk to people in my community, so say hi : ) ---
Steven Birchall
I don't mind them honestly. I personally don't expect people who I've just followed to know who I am or what I'm posting about on Twitter (especially as it's me following them, not the other way around), so an automated DM is fine as a welcome and potential discussion starter.
Sandra Djajic
It can be a clever marketing strategy to engage with new followers. It sounds like a good way to thank new followers and encourage them to further engage with your content or products. :)
Interesting! I'd like to know what others think about that! Up!!
Have seen some people who do DM - I think if you position your message well, can be a good way for quick intro & start a conversation.