What do you think about Canva?

Inam from Outgrow
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Canva is an Australian graphic design platform, used to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents, and other visual content.


Gurpinder Singh
Canva is a great tool for all non-designers and even designers looking to speed up their work and have everything accessible on cloud.
Jan Beisheim
@gurpinder_singh we love the functionality of Canva but wanted to tweak it for the need of professional designers. For this reason we developed Kittl. There'll be exclusive early access on PHthis Thursday. You can already check it out in the upcoming section - Kittl - 3rd product from the top. Curious to hear your feedback!
Jan Beisheim
@gurpinder_singh that's awesome to hear. Will send you the launch on Thursday to check it out for early access.
Vaibhav Taneja
For beginners, I would say it's a perfect tool to start with. It's very easy to use and has lots of features, but for creating exceptional designs you might need photoshop due to feature constraints.
Jan Beisheim
@vaibhav_taneja hi Vaibhav, we are targeting exactly that gap. Will be launching Kittl on PH this Thursday which is focusing on professional designs but with the ease of Canva. You can check us out in the upcoming section - Kittl. 3rd product from the top. Would be really curious to get your feedback.
Jan Beisheim
@vaibhav_taneja just launched Kittl as a Canva/ Illustrator alternative. Would be curious to get your feedback on it! www.producthunt.com/posts/kittl
It's a great tool that can save your time if you need a picture quickly and without any knowledge about design
Jan Beisheim
@enola_vedovotto it's great indeed. If you like Canva you might as well also want to check out our upcoming launch of Kittl. Same functionalities like Canva but even more focused on professional designs. You can already check it out in the upcoming section - Kittl - 3rd product from the top. Curious to hear your feedback!
Been using it for years - great for people like me with a lack of design skills!
Jan Beisheim
@maxwellcdavis if you like Canva you might love Kittl. Symbiosis of Canva and Illustrator. I'll drop you a link to check it out.
Jan Beisheim
@choiceinternetbrands haha who wouldn't? We launch a similar tool to Canva this week Thurday. Maybe it'll be somewhere close to Canva at some point. It's called Kittl. You can check it out in the upcoming product section. Would love to hear your feedback!
Nadia Elinbabi
I love canva because I dislike doing graphic design.
Jan Beisheim
@designatscale if you love Canva you'll likely also love Kittl. It's a design tool we are launching this week Thursday. You can find it in the upcoming section. Would love to get your feedback on it. Maybe there are some synergies with Pairux!
Jan Beisheim
@designatscale haha you'll love the tool we just launched today. Empowers everyone to design, with thousands of templates. Give it a go :) www.producthunt.com/posts/kittl
Aram Movsisyan
Canva is OK if you don't have any design skills. However, of course, it is not a professional tool.
Jan Beisheim
@aram_movsisyan2 agree! We just launched a tool which combines the design features and complexity you can do with Illustrator but aims to make it as easy as Canva. You seem to be a professional designer. Would be great to get your feedback on it: www.producthunt.com/posts/kittl
Jan Beisheim
@aram_movsisyan2 as a motion designer it's might also worth checking out the new design tool we launched today. Curious to get your feedback: www.producthunt.com/posts/kittl
Adriel Cruz
I haven't tried using Canva, but it's a great alternative for non-designers and Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator.
Mr. Sh!ne
It's a nice design tool especially for collaboration with teammates.
Meadow Simmons
Talking about professional design, I think that Canva is a great competitor of graphic designers, because many companies can think "why I need professional designer and pay him thousands of dollars, if I can go to the Canva and make a good design by myself for $100". Does anyone have the same thoughts?
Maryia Vyshneva
I often take inspiration for my instagram there