What do you prefer? Smart Working 💻 vs Office 🏢

Renzo Brus 💻⚡
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There are pros and cons on both side... What do you prefer? Let a comment if you want to tell us why!


Ekram Hossan
Work in office. Because one can concentrate fully on work.
Misha Krunic
I picked hybrid, but, to be honest, it's more that I'm leaning 70% towards the office and 30% towards working remotely. For me, remote work can be a good, sort of a refresher? Sometimes it feels good to change your work environment, especially when you have to do tasks that don't require as much focus as some other ones. But generally speaking, office is still my preferred option.
Remote is nice but can be boring. Office is nice but can kill concentration. Both work well 🤙🏻
Michael Moss
Hybrid is the best ofc. Sometimes you feel like you want to be surrounded by people, and sometimes, you just want to work alone in isolation. :)) if the job can be delivered remotely why not give your employee some freedom? :)
Michael Silber
I much prefer working from home. My concentration levels are much higher since I can put my notifications on mute and not worry about drive-by meetings. When I feel distractions coming I can fully commit to them, which means I'm much more likely to get it out of my system. I use that time to take care of a random errand, take lunch out in the park, or go for a walk to clear my mind. Also, it doesn't hurt that my wife, 8 month old son, and his nanny are my co-workers ;-) It also really helps to have a dedicated workspace.
Peter Nguy
Having worked for myself for 10 years I have always enjoyed the flexibility of working where I please. Now that I am back to employee life, covid has meant I still have the flexibility. I prefer the office as well but like to be able to choose. I go wherever I feel I’ll be most productive. Sometimes that’s the office, sometimes that’s home due to saved commute times, sometimes I go to the start up hub in Sydney to feel the vibe and get energised, and sometimes the best thing is sitting in a cafe… Obviously I can get back to that once lockdown is over for us here in Australia!!
Lior Galante Cohen (Vaza)
Hybrid for sure! The best thing the pandemic has given us.
Martina Hackbartt
As a University student who does many many things at the same time, I would never change remote working for working in an office. The time I would spend commuting can be used for studying or for any other projects I am pursuing at the moment. Also, it gives me the chance to work internationally.
David J. Kim
Hybrid. The office is better for discussing strategy but I can concentrate better at home.
Lalit Tyagi
you need a work environment to do it. It does not necessary to be in the office or home. depend on work culture or other stuff. Manufacturing companies can never be WFH. So it's very hard to figure out an answer on just one industry.
Яна Саковская
Work in office sounds more fun to me, at least i can fully communicate with my colleagues :)
Anastasiia Iskovych
70% working from home, 30% - in the office. Probably the only advantage of the lockdowns - making this possible.
Rucha Joshi
I prefer working remotely but would like to see my team and work together for a week every 2-3 months. hash out major decisions, get face time with the everyone and then back to working from home.