What do you like the most about working from home?

Nabeel Amir
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Vaibhav Taneja
Technology makes it easier - the internet has made it possible for all of us to be continually connected to the office. Tools such as Skype/zoom have made communication between colleagues and teams much easier and at times can lead to more efficient and effective meetings.
Nabeel Amir
@vaibhav_taneja Yes, Technology is now a big part of our lives and has driven massive changes in the way that we do business.
Nicole Ogloza
I get really bored and sick or offices so I like that I can wake up or sleep longer before the start of my day, and know that other colleagues of mine feel comfortable with who we are on calls
Nabeel Amir
@nicole_ogloza The best thing about working remotely is that there is no commute, so you can sleep a bit more.
Luka Vasic
I love the flexibility, I can organize work around my personal life, not the other way around. It makes me think in different ways about how to be even more productive as I will have more free time, especially because it's not 8h work, so if I am efficient I can do everything in 5-6 hours.
Nabeel Amir
@luka_vasic Yes, I agree. The flexibility of working from home is a big attraction for many people.
Denis Shabanov
Thank you for creating this discussion! Recently I faced with the same question, when I was developing a service to find a remote job in the USA (you can look at the link https://ucanremote.com/). After reading a lot of articles, I have identified several reasons that make people work remotely: 1. Flexible work schedule - you get more free time to spend with your family or on yourself 2. Work from anywhere - you can work not only from home but literally anywhere: from a café, a pool, or even anywhere in the world. 3. No dress code - you can work without pants ;) 4. New skills - You will learn new communication techniques and project management skills to bridge the physical gap between you and your team members. You'll also definitely have to learn project management skills and tightly control your workday. 5. Saving money - Saving on travel and lunch at work Hope my answer helped you)
Nabeel Amir
@dashabanov So brief and helpful. Thank you for sharing.
Sanja Mitar
Being able to workout, get errands and tasks done during my break time. It really gives way for a relaxing evening with my family 🤗
Nabeel Amir
@sanja_mitar It is excellent that working from home has allowed people to get physically fit and do the work.
I can more easily organize my work time and my personal life without being stressed! I can also work where I want, in short I feel much freer! can also jog to work and sleep longer and it's great And you?
Nabeel Amir
@enola_vedovotto It is excellent. Thank you for sharing. And as for me, I love the flexibility of time that I get while working from home.
Yarik Skov
The commute probably.. traffic is horrible
Nabeel Amir
@yarikskov Agree, The fact that bad traffic will not be able to ruin your morning mood is great.
Sean Song
WFH forced my to write more documents, it was painful but turned out to be good.
Nabeel Amir
@seansong Good, Thank you for sharing.
Adriel Cruz
No hassle to get up, prep stuff and commute everyday. Also, I can take nap/breaks whenever I'm tired or get creative block.
Nabeel Amir
@adriel_cruz I completely agree with you. It is crucial, especially for designers.
Emmanuel Lefort
Not much in fact :) Too many distractions, and even the commute time helps me have a decompression phase, so... Still going to the co-working every day!
Nabeel Amir
@emmanuel_lefort1 I agree; too many distractions can happen quickly at home.
Dawn Veltri
@emmanuel_lefort1 100% agree with this. I am much more focused at the office and I love my music filled commute.
Uthappa Robb
I live in a super remote town, approximately 100 miles from a city with a Walmart. And I loved working on my computer. There were no jobs locally, so I would have had to drive 50 mile
Nabeel Amir
@uthappa_robb That is great. Good luck with your work.
Sirina Dany
The absence of commuting. It can save you a lot of time and maybe your life! Driving is, in most cases, the most dangerous activity you can engage in.
Nabeel Amir
@sirina_dany Agree, Thank you for sharing your opinion.
Grant Ely
The absence of commuting. It can save you a lot of time and maybe your life! Driving is, in most cases, the most dangerous activity you can engage in.
Rock Turner
I Can Work from Anywhere with an Internet Connection.
Nabeel Amir
@rock_turner "It is excellent that we don't have to be in a specific place to work. You can be in a park, a coffee shop, or a vacation spot. "
Ash Carey
I have control over when I begin and conclude my workday. I have fairly regular working hours, but it's nice to have some flexibility when it's needed.
Nabeel Amir
@ash_carey Flexibility is the biggest advantage of working from home.
Georgy Nemtsov
I like it because I own my time. I can plan my day according to my preference. I don't have to wear office clothes. No need to commute in crowded public transport or lose time in traffic jams. Zero distractions when I need to focus. Nothing can compare with the comfort of working from home.
Vanshika Chaturvedi
I think the best part about working from home is having your own personal space where you can sit comfortably, in the kind of clothes that you feel comfortable in, and you have all the flexibility (provided your company is flexible with timimgs) There is no issue of traffic or poor weather conditions, or getting ready every day- you can save time, energy, and mental peace from all this and give your best to work!
Ujjawal Sharma
I Can Work from Anywhere with an Internet Connection.
Jenny Kahn
That my home can be anywhere. Since January 2021 I am working remotetly 50% of the time. I disocvered Coliving spaces in Tenerife and Normandie and I am looking forward to discover more this year in Bulgaria, Romania and on the Azores! Coliving is a great way to expand your network and it's just nice when there are other nice people around. Oh, and I can work out more regularly because the commute to the gym is gone. My gym streams all group classes ... so my commute from desk to hallway is... 5 seconds :D