What do you find challenging about content creation?

Rish A
8 replies
This question is for everyone, I guess, but especially non-design folk! What aspect of content creation is the most challenging for you? And what tools do you find most helpful to overcome that?


Gleb Braverman
Sometimes you burn out :(
Karina Skrinnik
I think it is hard to maintain inspiration for a long time but without it you can`t make a good content. In such situations rest is a key. Then I can gain inspiration again on pinterest, for example.
Rish A
@karina_skrinnik That's nice. I never really got into pinterest. But I do go looking for inspiration on instagram stories!
Preeti Chovoor
Finding the audience for the product and the anxiety of not being successful
Rish A
@preeti_chovoor Do you mean audience that will resonate with the content?
Preeti Chovoor
@rishika_anchalia I meant audience as in how to reach more of there people you already know your product is for
I want to finish it the same day I begin. But content creation is about taking time to create a solid piece. Working on it.