What do you feel about remote work today?

Dhruv Bhatia
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Flexibility + freedom = happier people. As long as there is a discipline it's awesome!
Nico Prananta
I'm working in Switzerland where while the government highly recommends home office, most people still go to work. Personally, I like the hybrid approach which I'm doing right now, 2 days in the office, the rest from home. It's nice to be able to talk face to face with co-workers in the workday.
Jonathan Yan
I love the flexibility and relaxing nature of working from home but when I do find myself getting easily distracted at time by anything outside of work. I also miss the interaction with co-workers in the office. With oVice, we try to address these potential hurdles by allowing our users to access a customizable virtual space (e.g., online office, study space, event, etc.) and interact with other users in real time! You have the ability to chat through a mic, engage in video calls, embed online games to your space and play with each other, and a lot more. If you're interested you can always check out our Tour Space and play around with it to see how we're trying to make Remote Work feel like you're back in the office! tour-en.ovice.in