What do you dread about remote working ?

Priyanka Ramabhadran
7 replies
I'll go first. I think I will or have somehow forgotten to socialise in an in person setting.


Adam Casole-Buchanan
I love remote work, but I still dread being present in large presentations. If I were presenting in person, I can engage with the audience, see their faces, talk to them. It's harder to maintain presence on a webcam.
@adamcbuchanan I hadn't thought about that! That's so true. It's easier to do work during meetings too (guilty). But, in person, you're less likely to do that.
Priyanka Ramabhadran
@adamcbuchanan Totally agree! Engagement is really easy in person. It is particularly difficult on when the video is switched off on the call.
Davor Kolenc
I am too comfortable at home and hence, not productive. Also, home is somewhere where I want to feel relaxed. On top of that, for every question I might have I have to call somebody or wait for a response on Slack, which usually slows things down quite a bit.
Cathy Patalas
I love remote working but in the middle of the day I like to go work in a cafe or library just to mix up my setting which helps me stay more focused and productive
Jonathan Yan
I definitely struggled with the lack of socializing in an in-person setting too when it came to working remotely! @priyanka_ram If you are interested, I would love for you to check out our oVice Demo Space to see how we've tackled this hurdle. tour-en.ovice.in/ Our platform allows users to customize a virtual space and interact with their co-workers and/or friends in real time as they are able to speak with anyone in their space and initiate a video call if they please It's a great tool for collaborating in the professional sense but you can also host parties and hang outs in your space as well by embedding online games and media for everyone to participate in!