What do you do to encourage your users to sign up for Product Hunt?

Ben Bohbot
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Our plan is to launch soon, so we are trying to figure out how to encourage our users to upvote us on launch day. In your opinion, what should we do?


Martina Hackbartt
We're making an informative post about Product Hunt. But we're not sure if it'll work. We'll see!
Martina Hackbartt
@cherieyang Hey, Cherie! This is the blog post I wrote: https://www.reskript.com/post/wh.... And what we did was send a shortened version to our newsletter. I'll check the open and click rate and will reach out to you again! We did it with a short amount prior to the launch (one week) so I don't think it had much impact
Fabian Maume
Getting upvotes from new Product hunt users won't help you. Upvotes are weighted according to some parameters like the account's age and karma. So trying to make your user sign-up to Product Hunt won't help much. You will be better off outreaching people who are actually active on product hunt. Check who already upvoted similar products and connect with them on LinkedIn. Message them on the day of the launch.
Ben Bohbot
@fabian_maume Hi Fabian, I'm appreciate your comment! The goal is to ask our users to create an account three weeks before the launch date, is that not enough?
Anna Mandziuk πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦
@fabian_maume @ben_bohbot Yep, agree with Fabian. I saw it in my own launch. The upvotes of people who came here to support us or who weren't active users didn't count or could disappear. Therefore, it's best to interest active PH users in your product. When it comes to people creating profiles 3 weeks in advance then they would need to be actually active all 3 weeks and gather points
Mark Wellman
Following this thread! We're getting ready for our launch on April 22nd and looking for ways to boost sign-ups as well
Qudsia Ali
Outreaching the people on PH is the best option in my view.
Ben Bohbot
@qudsia_ali What is the best way to contact them? On Twitter? LinkedIn?
Ben Bohbot
we are live! Jika.io
Felix Focken
@ben_bohbot Hey Ben, I'd love to hear how it went! 3rd place sounds awesome! Did you end up seeing results from people with new accounts? Or did you end up focusing on people with existing PH accounts?