What do you do to decompress from the start-up obsession?

Brian Nutt
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Maxwell Davis
Usually a bit of gaming for me 😀
Truthfully never really decompress. This is something I thoroughly enjoy doing, and since we all only have one life to live, I prefer to live it in the most satisfaction/happiness-maximized way possible Obviously doesn't mean work all the time, but many times it's just a matter of how one prefers to spend their time With that being said, daily intense physical activity really helps clear my mental state to think clearer, be inspired in different ways, and stay sharp, somewhat of a flywheel effect into all areas of life
Brian Nutt
@kmkmkm Thanks for the feedback. I try to mix high intensity with complete relaxation. It is difficult to take the mind off of the business and product but helpful when I can make it happen!
David Mungai
Funnily enough a side project is the only thing that can keep my mind off work. As a founder of a small startup I feel a bit guilty when I'm not working.