❓ What do you do on PH? 👀󠆷

Inna Proshkina
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I start my journey by checking new products on the homepage and upvoting some of them, then I check new discussions and comments. Then I go to the Upcoming page. What do you usually do?


That's exactly what I'm trying to figure out now:)I joined PH a few days ago and have been upvoting some products since then. My product will be launched soon. Ok, what's next!?
Inna Proshkina
@gokis did you launch your upcoming page on Ship?
@inna_proshkina Ship by Product Hunt? No. I just googled it and found out there is such a thing.
Inna Proshkina
@gokis Well, it is absolutely worth checking and using before the launch!
@inna_proshkina Got it. Thank you for the info!
I start by checking my notifications and the new conversation on product hunt. Then, check if there is new product on the homepage.
Inna Proshkina
@enola_vedovotto Thanks for sharing your experience!
Maxwell Davis
I used to go straight to products but now I come straight to the community pages to see what I can add to conversations. I go once per day to the Product pages to see if there are any interesting products for me
Nothing in particular, I think it's always nice to be a part of communities, learn about new tech, meet interesting people, and when the time comes to launch (selfishly, as most would probably agree), there are some eyeballs on my own products as well for potential users, feedback, etc
Inna Proshkina
@kmkmkm thanks for sharing your opinion!
Mazin Shaikh
First I check the featured products on the homepage and then I explore more products by topics.
Manab Boruah
I come to PH every day to check out the tech landscape.
Inna Proshkina
@manab_boruah I check it every day too. The emergence of new products is changing the tech landscape rapidly bringing new ideas and opportunities!
Ashley Smith
Mostly watch shows and movies on different platforms. Quite excited as I recently got to know about 'Streaming Digitally' and now I'm able to access any site with perfect speed and quality.
Davor Kolenc
For the past week this was my flow: Generally, I follow what launched that day, upvote if I find something cool and leave a comment and review. Usually, also I follow that maker and hunter. If I have a topic in mind I post it to the community, then see if there are any posts on the community where I would like to join into a discussion.
Roman Vorozhtsov
This is a good question for me too =)
Jim Morrison
Look through the "New" community posts and comment on a few to help get them started. 🚀 I used to just skulk and look at the top few products... but it's time I gave back so now I'm making a much bigger effort to engage.. 🙌
Inna Proshkina
@jimbomorrison Awesome! The community here is so great and supportive!
Shreya R Nambiar
Like you said, checking new products, upvoting, taking part in discussions (wealth of knowledge there), and preparing for our launch.
Inna Proshkina
@shreya_r_nambiar It's true tons of valuable advice can be found in discussions.
Айдар Валиев
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Saksham Pathak
Learn about the new technologies and connect with smart people. And also currently working on a launch of our new product CrawlQ which is a all in one market research tool.
I'm out here trying to grow my network and gather some community as I'm about to launch on PH soon. Would love to get some suggestions on what to/not to do being a first time maker on Product Hunt!
Vanshika Chaturvedi
I just feel Product Hunt is a great way to understand people and their requirements in general. I have connected with some really cool like-minded people here who have added value to me and I hope I can do so too! My favorite activity on product hunt, undoubtedly, is engaging with discussions (like this one right here) and getting to know what the world thinks about a particular thing!