🚀 What did you think of Ada (launched yesterday)?

Geetanjali Shrivastava
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Hello Product Hunt community, Thank you so much for your continued support for Adaptiv's second launch - Ada, the GPT-powered career mentor. 🚀 Those who tried chatting with Ada, might have noticed that her responses are basic at the moment, but your questions will help us fine-tune the model and train it to provide better, more detailed answers to our end users - the students & young professionals who are looking for career guidance. If you have any feedback / suggestions for us, please don't hesitate to ping me here (or Twitter / email). 🙏


Mike Kennedy
I tried it out and I must say that the interface is really well done. I think visually it looks fantastic. The style of all of the images throughout are great. Aside from your need to train the AI as you already mentioned, there are few small points of feedback that I have about the interface. I hope these are helpful: -I really liked that low friction nature of the app, allowing me to read course articles etc before registering, but there was a good amount of gentle nudging asking me to sign up each time. -The majority of the buttons and other text through the web app is currently selectable which made it confusing to me what you could and could not click on. You may want to consider every bit of text on the page and decide whether a user would ever desire the ability to highlight and copy the text. If not, I would make it un-selectable so as to reduce confusion for desktop use. -The hamburger menu button confused me because I wasn't sure if it should have some function that I couldn't figure out. I expected the left pane to collapse when I clicked it but I couldn't tell what happened as a result of clicking it. -Using the referral feature was not clear to me. I was unable to figure out how to invite someone using the referral code. I look forward to trying it out further in the future!
@mkenny Hi Mike, thanks for the inputs you have taken the time to share with us. We are a small team and every little feedback goes a long way in making us better. Point well taken on the buttons, the ham menu and the referral feature. We will fix all of these issues in the coming releases. Specifically the part about what can and cannot be clickable makes a lot of sense. I will ask our designer to review this. Thanks once again and all the best for your app too! Best, Titash
Mike Kennedy
@tneogi Happy to help! The main reason I mentioned the button text is because I received the same comment multiple times on the first release of my app and I was the one who had to go through and correct it all haha. So it's always present in my mind when using software now. Best of luck! Great work!