What design tool you use?

Divyansh Patel
18 replies
Adobe XD


Maxwell Davis
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2nd time I've mentioned canva on PH today!
ᗰᗩ᙭ ᒍ.
Building mnd
Figma all the way!
Cerebrum Infotech
Software Product Development Company.
Our designers used many tools for great work like Figma, Photoshop, Adobe, Canva, etc. These are really great tools and the output is even greater.
Rosie Higgins
Software engineer and entrepreneur
Just moved to Figma and it is the best thing ever! We use it for all wireframing and 2D design and I use Blender for 3D
Arda Bayram
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I use Figma for all the things related to visuals. From UI to social media posts. Even the gallery images and thumbnails of UXNotion.com are made in Figma. I canceled Adobe CC last month since Figma can handle everything.
Maker @ Resumey.Pro
For quick stuff - Canva But otherwise, I mainly use Figma. Gives me a lot of flexibility!
Marketing@Sealit - Email&File Encryption
Cool question! I must say that I am using Figma for company related tasks, but I feel that majority of my life I am spending in Adobe.. Literally, when I count hours spent daily in any Adobe program :D.. Adobe is my virtual home XD
Utsav Sheth
Product Designer
Figma... Love of life as a Designer
Collin Thompson
Building tryintrepid.com
I used a low code tool called https://plasmic.app , to me it's a design tool, but to many it's a frontend tool. It's replaced figma for alot of my design work because I can just design in code so no need to hand off or add steps to my workflow.
Kamila Klavíková
The founder of OrgPad.
Besides Figma we use Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer and Zoner Photo Studio (ZPS). 💻 Figma for UI, prototyping and quick editing. 📸 ZPS + Affinity Photo for photo organising and editing. 🖌 Affinity Designer for illustrations.
Ciara Bravo
A web blogger and social media expert.
Adobe XD results are fabulous due to its texture, but if you are looking for a simple and time-saving platform then I really recommend Canva pro for you. or you can try kinemaster diamond
Oliver Schmid
Founder Webagentur Webgarten GmbH
Bye bye to Adobe
Denislav Jeliazkov
Founder Figura
Definitely Figma nowadays, but more and more leaning towards utilizing Framer in my workflow. It's just so powerful it's hard to ignore it.
Shrutika More
Graphic Designer
@divjpatel Figma anytime it is easy to use with auto save option, I mean your work will not get lost even if you forgot to save it, and ya it has file sharing option which I think adobe should introduce file sharing option in all their software's
Carsten Pleiser
2 x Founder • Advisor • Angel Investor
At Design Buffs and StartupBrand.io we use Figma in 90% for UI design & marketing design
Moslim Uddin
UI/UX Designer
I mainly user Figma! Love of life as a Designer..
Adriel Cruz
Graphic/Web Designer
I use a lot of design tools from Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and more. For now, I've been practicing Figma and I can say it's very efficient.
Ashmita Vala
Figma, really easy to use.