What day of the week is good for launching on Product Hunt and why?

Elena Cirera
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Carsten Pleiser
It depends on your goals in mind for the launch. Monday - Thursday are probably the most competitive days on PH, but they may result in good traffic. Towards the weekend it gets a bit quieter. Saturday and Sunday are the least competitive days on PH, your chances of becoming #1 of the day get higher, but with lower traffic. Make sure to be completely dedicated to the launch, this means that you will have to clear your calendar 1 day before the launch and 2 days after to respond to feedback, answer questions, and boost your launch. Hope this helps.
Elena Cirera
@ckpleiser Impressive analysis! We are launching our product soon and will consider your valuable feedback.
Stefani Kovachevska
@ckpleiser Interesting insights, makes sense. Thanks for sharing.
Misha Krunic
I've read somewhere that PH community is active on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday the most. So avoid Mondays and Fridays.
Elena Cirera
@price2spy Thanks for sharing your valuable feedback. Would you like to explain why you should avoid Mondays and Fridays?
Misha Krunic
@elena_cirera It really depends on what you want to accomplish, it's not a strict rule. There's usually the least traffic on Fridays (from what I've read - but then again, this is most reliably known by PH owners), so ranking in a high spot might be easier, but the benefits of doing so may be lower. As for Mondays, I've read that makers usually dedicate this day to planning and organizing their work for the rest of the week, so there's a chance they won't visit PH on monday.
Saqib Ali
Well, if your goal is to get to the top of the list - selecting less competitive days like weekends can be a good idea.
Elena Cirera
@saqib301 Agreed with your opinion and appreciate your comment.
Abhi S
I've read Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days to generate traffic for your product. However, launching on a Friday or the weekend gives you a better chance of becoming a top 3 product of the day. Depends on your goal :)
Fabian Maume
It depends on what you want. If you plan to be the product of the week it is best to launch on Monday or Tuesday as it will leave you all the week to harvest upvotes. If you want low competition Wednesday and Friday are the best days.
Elena Cirera
@fabian_maume Thank you for sharing helpful information. What about Saturdays and Sundays?
Fabian Maume
@elena_cirera If you have a B2B product I would advice to avoid weekend. Weekend also make it less effective to ask your users for support.
Inna Proshkina
It depends on your goals. If you want more traffic, it's better launch on Tue/Wed/Thu, if you go for the "Product of the Day" badge, it's better to choose a less competitive day.
I've heard Tuesday & Wednesday are better than the rest of the week since more PH users are active. But I feel that if more products are launched on these days because of the number of active users, you'd better launch your product on another day(probably Monday or Thursday) in order to prevent it from being overshadowed by other products. Here is a great article about the best time to post on Product Hunt https://compile.blog/product-hun...