What databases are the most popular right now?

Tom Johnson
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Okay, so for context, I work at Basedash and we've been doing a bunch of research into trends around databases, tech, emerging back-end tooling, since it directly impacts our roadmap and what types of users we can reach. It's not easy to figure out industry-wide trends without an industry-wide survey, so we launched The State of Database Survey for 2022 to do just that. There's ones for design tools, Javascript, but not one for databases. Would you all be willing to take the survey share it and with one another? We're planning to launch the results in April here on PH, and of course the more submissions we can get the more accurate the results will be. http://www.stateofdb.com/


Everett Berry
We are seeing a lot of PlanetScale usage @mscccc @isamlambert as well as Postgres and SQLite for @getarctype
Tom Johnson
@mscccc @isamlambert @getarctype @everett_berry Yeah, I've been hearing more about Planetscale as well, I'm trying to learn more about it. Arctype is also a supporter of this study, coincidentally. We're in a very similar space, but approaching different problems. The data is helpful for both of our teams.
Qudsia Ali
As for the year 2022, according to Statista, Oracle, MYSQL and Microsoft SQL server are one of the most popular DBMS in the world-- with Oracle ranked as the first and the other two second and third respectively.
Tom Johnson
@qudsia_ali Good to know. Would you mind sharing that source? One thing we're looking to do is break down popularity by size and age of company. The trends we're seeing are very different with startups vs Enterprise.
@tomjohndesign Statista provides open access to simple statistics like these, and shows their sources. Of course, for commercial use, we should pay them. Here is an example (popularity, not use?): https://www.statista.com/statist...