What category B2B SaaS gets the highest number of users (not traffic!) via Product Hunt? 🤔

Arpit Mishra
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Hi Product Hunters, 👋 Launching on PH has become a must-do product marketing campaign. But not every business might find the traffic on their platform from product hunt pages relevant. Kickstarting this thread to know if you know or have seen businesses booming because of the PH launch 🚀 . If yes, - why do you think it works? - Is there a category that has been benefiting the most? - Is it replicable? Share your thoughts 💭 and experience to help other hunters and users learn more. Looking forward... Cheers!


Fabian Maume
Founder of Tetriz.io
That is hard to tell, I don't think there are official stats on the topic. I was checking data from https://upvote-bell.com/ Topics getting the most upvotes are: - Tech - Productivity - Web App - Developer Tools The 3 first topics are quire generic so it doesn't mean much, but it looks like Product hunt is a good place for developers. There is also the issue that those are stats about upvotes, not traffic and definitely not users.