What are your top 3 no-no's for the launch day?

Ben Bohbot
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We can learn a lot from each other's mistakes, so please share with us your mistakes from the launch day.


Paul VanZandt
We're launching tomorrow and I hope we won't have any to share! I want to come back to this thread to avoid some of the mistakes people make - thanks for sharing! We're an online whiteboard software - you can check us out here if you're interested: www.producthunt.com/upcoming/fresco
Paul VanZandt
@nabeel_amir Thanks for the support Nabeel! We just launched our product here: www.producthunt.com/posts/fresco-3
Kateryna Manokha
Good topic for discussion! We are going to launch our product next week. It would be the first launch at producthunt for me) So want to know all do's and don'ts ))
Ben Bohbot
@kateryna_manokha Good luck! we also plan to launch next Monday, what about you?
Ivan Burban
We are also launching today with https://www.producthunt.com/post... . This is not the first launch for me, but the first one for the product. Here are the mistakes we would like to avoid: 1. Accept offers for paid promotion on PH. We understand that this is a community, and our team definitely wants to see how much PH users really like our product and not just get some achievements. 2. Do not forget that the Product Hunt lives on after the launch day – you need to stay active in the community after the launch day as well. 3. Don't be afraid to talk about your product on social networks. We made a cool product, and we have 500k users. People already trust us, so why not ask them to support us on PH?
Maya Ben Zid
I'd say no mass upvoting from accounts with no reputation, no thinking that Product Hunt alone is enough to generate users (you need to make sure your website is on par and converts well), no believing that finding an experienced Hunter to hunt you is the only thing you need (instead, I suggest starting to prepare for the launch well in advance).
Ben Bohbot
Hey guys! We are on the air 🚀🚀 I will appreciate your support (https://www.producthunt.com/post...)
Automated bots 😅 Even scheduling social media posts am not sure it's that great of an idea as you want to really show how the day is going and answering comments seems way more important than talking about things you could have planned in advance 😅
Daniel Caridi
This was incredibly helpful. Just launched now and will stick to these tips!!
Dani Luu
We're launching soon so these are great tips! My no-no to avoid would be to not focus only on Product Hunt. You should be all over social media giving updates about your new product to your audience too.