What are your tips for launching an App?

Moritz Wobith
9 replies
Hey there!:) We are planning to launch our App in December/January. We already have 500+ people on our waiting list and it's growing every day. Now my question is what are your tips for launching an App successfully? Thank you in advance!


Amarnath Nagula
Well, I've not launched anything but as a user, I would be quite annoyed if the onboarding experience has design or code bugs 😅
Moritz Wobith
@galia_ben_david I have seen that you already made a product and launched it on PH. Thats amazing! What would you say are the main key take aways you have learned so far from that launch?
Devanand Premkumar
That's always positive to have a good waiting list. Care to share how you started off growing the waiting list.
Moritz Wobith
@devaonbreaches so you would be interested how we grew our waiting list?:)
Moritz Wobith
@devaonbreaches @lukas_deconantsesznak Thanks for letting me know! I will try to build sth cool to share how we are growing our waiting list!