What are your thoughts on working with a marketing agency?

Hannah Wright
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We are considering working with an agency to elevate our product launch strategy and I am wondering if anyone in the PH community has experience doing this. Did you feel it was worth the investment?


Fabian Maume
I'm running a marketing agency: https://www.tetriz.io/ I would say it depend a lot of the situation. Marketing agencies are more expensive than hiring your own marketing team, but it can usually deliver result faster. Marketing agencies can also give you access to some specialist that you could not afford otherwise. Marketing agency can also be use for experimentation. If you are not sure of a channel's potential, it is better to hire a specialised agency to test out this channel, rather than build an internal team for it. However I would recommend you always keep you CMO in-house. It is better to keep somebody in house to manage the strategy and prioritise what to test out.