What are your main pain points with content marketing?

Rhys Webber
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Daniel Leal
I just watched this video about the subject, it could be useful for what you are looking for:
Talia Bender
Hi Rhys! Our main pain point is being able to produce content that is technical enough so that it is useful for our target audience. Our product is highly-technical, so the average content creator would definitely not be able to write the content we need. Additionally, our engineers are focused on the technical side, which doesn't allow them much time to help write content :)
Rhys Webber
@taliambender Hey Tali, that's amazing insight thanks so much. Do you think I could reach out to you to discuss further? I have a couple of questions
Elena Cirera
Following are the main points for content marketing. - Make sure your content has a clear, measurable business goal. - Know your audience. - Write in-depth content. - Rely on analytics to track your performance. - Keep content consistent and up-to-date. - Personalize your content. - Publish original research. - Prioritize the user experience.