What are your Intentions/plans/goals/dreams/to-do’s for the week? 🌟

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What are your Intentions/plans/goals/dreams/to-do’s for the week? 🌟


Amanda Tunner
Marketing Strategist @ Flowio
As my app's going to be launched in the next 2 weeks so I've planned to do the marketing for it at this time. My intention is to gain as much audience for the launch as possible. As we always say, the success of the product often depends upon the launching step. So, the plans that I can think about include: + Build connections with other partners (so, if you're interested in our app, which mainly focuses on automation marketing, you can subscribe to it here 😀: https://www.producthunt.com/upco... + Join some communities for Shopify merchants and start marketing there (I think this is quite hard as there are many rivals there also try to promote their products) + Connect with some Hunters. However, I'm still searching for some names, if you know anyone, could you give me some suggestions?
Alexey Shashkov
Inspired product maker
Our goal for this week is to grow our waitlist from 20 to 50 potential users. While we're building our MVP of https://Getlanding.io we're getting potential users on the waitlist. After launching the MVP our traction will be measured in getting new users and acquiring paying customers.
Julia Demyanchuk
Marketing & Growth
Our dream is to finish our PH launch with a good result (our launch with LeaksID will end in 2 hours and I will really appreciate your support).
Built creatorbase.xyz
Outside of day to day work, been working hard on growing a subscriber base for my upcoming product, Creatorbase, that I plan to launch towards the end of Sept. https://www.producthunt.com/upco... This includes Linkedin posts talking about why and what I'm building, Tweet threads giving some value to the community I'm looking to support with my product and also probably sharing with close friends in private group chats too. If you have any advice on prepping for launch and growing a following before that, please do share or happy to chat as well if you prefer that!