What are your goals for 2022 in terms of work life?

Martina Hackbartt
7 replies
Hey there! Something I absolutely love about the end of the year is being able to reflect on what I've accomplished so far while also setting concrete goals for the next year. What are your work/corporate goals for 2022? If you can also expand on how you'll get there, that'd be a great exercise! Warmly, Martina


Andrii Kpyto
Goal to next year - not reflect about the previous one ^_^ (just joking)
Launch my business and secure consultancy/freelance work 🙌🏾
Martina Hackbartt
@janinah Sounds amazing and ambitious! What is your business going to be about? (if you want to tell)
Ira GI
Launch of a new digital art project
Mohsen Kamrani
To launch (from next week we'll open access to free static site and function hosting and deployment) and in a few weeks we give free access to our full platform for early users 🚀🚀🚀
Sebastian Britz
Launch our product in 2022, and introduce the work to the new standard for projects