What are your favourite learning apps?

Tytti Sandström
8 replies
Learning is always motivating and fun. Share your favourite learning apps! I'm especially interested to hearing about apps that are designed for beginners on the topic.


Santeri S
I've been using Duolingo for learning Spanish for a while now and it seems pretty good.
Tytti Sandström
@sasesesa i used Duolingo for spanish as we'll. It was fun😊
Kim Salmi
Absolutely Duolingo for entry level language learning. Learning complex topics is usually more effective using a learning environment such as Udemy. Also books/papers are really effective even if they don’t count as apps.
Tytti Sandström
@infr yes, books work. I'm not familiar with Udemy, have to take a look 👍
Valtteri Ylimäki
I have used Coursera for a bit deeper level learning and also Blinkist for quick learning. All in all, books are a good way to learn new things IMO and Blinkist (even though it's a bit cheating using it ;D) is an easy and fast way to go through the books.
Tytti Sandström
@vylimaki these are new services for me. I'll check them out 😊
Aino Valtonen
I also like Duolingo, but I want to highlight the app ChineseSkill, which is great for basic Mandarin learning :)