What are your favourite email extractors?

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Hey hunters! I'm currently looking for a good email extractor to improve the process of lead generation. I need a tool that helps you to find email addresses in bulk and to find email addresses behind any website. What are the best email exctractors? Why do you like them?


Nilay Jayswal
Try out Clay. I switched from Lusha to Clay: https://www.clay.com/ If you want to extract more data than just email, try Phantom Buster: https://phantombuster.com/phanto...
Tanya Kapoor
Hi @daryakhmetova You can use Hunter.io, Clearbit or Name2Email. These tools will help you find relevant email addresses.
Auction Direct
Cute Web Email Extractor is one of my favorites. Money Account's mission is to save people money and help people navigate the complicated world of consumer finance. Visit web https://moneyaccounts.com
teddy toes
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