What are your favourite branding tools?

Michael Yagudaev
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Any tools you love that helped you go from an idea => name => logo => visual identity => landing page?


1-Landing page wordpress / easy to use and easy to work on ! 2- Log, I would recommend to check with graphic designer, better to work on something nice and unique than get the google logo and everyone use it somewhere in the world 3-Name, you should have it done internally ( brainstorming sessions which also helps build your missions & values and USP) and tone of voice ..ect!! I would probably recommend tools when you have sort this things out and ready to launch and kick ! good luck
Michael Yagudaev
@yasminak Thanks Yasmina, I've actually used a graphic designer in the past for logos. It works pretty well. There are tools like logology .co that can help create logos too. Maybe others know more. For the name, I know there are automated tools most engineers love using for generating combinations of words and sounds. I've also always done it manually and struggled through it. I was wondering if there a more efficient path 🤔
Talia Bender
Hi Michael! To work on your branding, I would first establish your business' values, mission, and vision. Miro is a great tool to create a virtual board where you can add "stickies" containing your ideas. Once you've established your ideas, I would use Pinterest to gather images and other media that you think would help convey the values, mission, and vision. With these images, you can create a mood board to help visualize the company's look and feel. Finally, you can use Canva to create logos/designs and Figma for prototyping. This is definitely a super general and brief overview and there is a lot more to go into branding than this -- but, I hope it helps!
Michael Yagudaev
@taliambender Thanks Talia, it is interesting that when I was struggling with branding the values, mission and vision are the three things my marketing friend asked me as well. Any simple and practical framework you found works for you when working on a new brand? As in, a place to get a little more details and ideas about the process
Talia Bender
@michael_yagudaev awesome! And yeah, if branding looked like a roadmap then mission, vision, and values would be square one with visual and verbal identities being a bit later down the line 😊 As for the framework, this link is very helpful for determining your company's value proposition: https://bit.ly/3gw1rUD And this link is helpful for determining your company's mission and vision: https://bit.ly/3oy6nwt I've shortened the links, so let me know if they work for you and definitely let me know your thoughts on these!
Stephen Barnett
I work in the service sector and the most important thing to survive in this competition is to run social networks, this is cool, if only because selling one product you can have a different income, so I can say that my fav tool is social networks. Although if you think about it, you can say that it is also a photo editor. Since I edit them myself, I don't use photoshop (too complicated) but just edit on the site. Here you can edit the colors and remove background https://depositphotos.com/bgremo...
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Luca Baader
Hello! I am designer in marketing department in my company. We are design a lot of content including landing pages. For me best tool I use in my work is crello. A lot of impressions and styles I can search in it. And I need to tell that icon templates can be helpful too. Can try this one https://create.vista.com/create/...