What are your favorite things to do on weekends?

Elena Cirera
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Devanand Premkumar
Rest to recharge for the week ahead
Elena Cirera
@devaonbreaches Relaxation is important for health and productivity. Proper rest on weekends improves happiness, joy and pleasure while reducing negative feelings, anxiety, anger and depression.
Saqib Ali
For the most part, I look forward to resting a great deal. But as for activities: 1. I like to catch up on my favorite web-series 2. Going out with the family 3. Meeting up with friends outside work 4. Playing video games
Elena Cirera
@saqib301 It's good to spend time with friends and family. Watching web series and playing video games is also a good source of relaxation.
Tytti Sandström
Top 3: 1. Spend time in nature: hike, camp, kayak, climb... 2. Cook & eat with friends 3. Sleep, rest, listen to music
Elena Cirera
@tytti_sandstrom Wow, your activities like camping, hiking and climbing are impressive. While eating, sleeping and listening to music is also good for relaxation.
Tytti Sandström
@elena_cirera thanks :) I really enjoy spending time in nature. It's the best kind of therapy for any situation
Ninad Sail
1. Chilling out with friends 2. Academic work 3. Shopping & exploring new places
Anything social, outside, and active During the work week, it is easy to get in a flow of grinding through things until they are fully operational / solved, so time outside and time with peers is too easily forgotten (although I try to always make a point to require it daily for myself regardless, even if not as long as I'd hope for) Socializing and general activity keep your mind healthy and are great ways to recharge
Yaroslava Antipina 🇺🇦
Elena, thank you for a good question. Weekends are when I can recharge, sleep, read, walk & feed my mind with new things. What about you?
Elena Cirera
@yaroslava Indeed weekends are great to reach yourself by sleeping, reading and spending time with friends and family.I spend my maximum time with my family and friends on weekends.
shaik ikbhal Basha
used to participate in the weekend, atleast some tech meetup physical but not much now. would be great if i can meet people with who i can share, learn
friends, hobby, more sleep, cleaning, cook :)
Peter agar
I prefer to sleep on weekends 😁, but in my opinion spending time with your family will be the best usage of this time
Sophia Emma
Regular breaks are mandatory to avoid burnout. So during weekends, I love to have fun with my friends and make myself cut off from work, by doing so I have a fresh mind and healthy mood when I get back to the office on Monday.
Ali Muhammad
I prefer to spend all my off time with my family and make sure they have my help in completing all their pending tasks.
Rukhsar Amjad
I regularly participate in road rallies with my child, and sometimes make it a digital scavenger hunt. I think about how to take pictures with people in the community for fun, and also love to cook on weekends.
Cathy Patalas
spend time with my family and take a detox from social media and work emails
Mahak from Outgrow
Rest, Eat, Study, Rest- a cycle I love to follow. I love to make a sketch every weekend too.
ankita singh
Watch movie or read books with popcorns ofcourse
Andrew Beburishvili
Listening to music and rewatching old good films :) also reading some detective stories is an awesome thing to do :) playing GTA via https://gta5grand.com/ is also in the list :)
Alex Mahone
1. Travel 2. Music 3. Shopping my fav travel place is https://bit.ly/3sZrQjl