What are your favorite books / learning resources on Design?

Aaron O'Leary
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Trying to get a more "designer" mindset on some things if that makes sense and would love to get peoples recommendations on books and learning resources that shaped their way of thinking about design.


Personally, I like Behance a lot. Even though it is not an educational platform, it gives a lot of inspiration and helps to understand the latest trends in design.
Dawn Veltri
Pretty much anything from @chrisashby The Designing Growth newsletter is good. They also have an ebook on design for founders. https://www.weareheroes.digital/...
Aaron O'Leary
@chrisashby @dawn_veltri1 I love design newsletters, Ill take a look at this!
Hussain Effendi
I know just the right person that could actively participate in this discussion: @sreenath_pradeep
Love these books I read at design school: - Innovating for People Handbook of Human-Centered Design Methods - Design of Everyday Things
Shrutika More
@aaronoleary Mine is Behance, I scroll it everyday to get some inspiration :D
Sreenath Pradeep
The answer to this question largely depends on what skill level the person is. For Beginners: 1. Design of everyday things. 2. Don't make me think. 3. Hooked. These are the classics that I every designer should read in order to get into the right mindset! And the best method to learn is this: 1. Learn the basics. 2. start designing products. 3. Learn to fill your knowledge gaps. I have written a detailed thread on learning UI/UX design. You can check it out here. 👇 https://twitter.com/sreenathprad...