What are your expectations from your startup?

Daniel Diosi
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I am curious what realistic financial expectations you guys set about your startup. I know it's a sensitive topic but discussing openly can help a lot to remain grounded. Personally, one of my online tools from 2019 made $190k in the first year, died in the second. Another I had high hopes for barely made $10k in it's first year. A ridiculously basic RSS automatic blog keeps making money since 2015 without any major updates. All bootstrapped. Some startups I know hoped for millions and did not ever make a cent. A guy I know just wanted to make enough to leave his full-time job and in a year he was making 10x that.


Maxwell Davis
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Personally for me I want my startup stable enough to leave my day job (it doesn't need to earn as much). From there I know the extra time I'll be able to make it grow or start new projects with additional potential.
Daniel Diosi
Entrepreneur and business consultant.
@maxwellcdavis Excellent, good luck on your entrepreneurial journey :)