What are you thoughts on the future of mobile app development?

Aleks Dahlberg
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How will the way we make apps change? What UI and UX conventions will there be? What will the expectations be from users of their mobile app experience? Really interested in where mobile heads!


Qudsia Ali
The future of mobile app development is on Cloud Model. Scalability and unlimited space are among the main factors driving the trend for cloud-based application development.
Aleks Dahlberg
@qudsia_ali Intrigued about the cloud model, can you provide some examples of apps doing this?
Qudsia Ali
@aleksdahlberg I don't remember I came across any fully cloud-enabled product, but shortly, a lot will be.
Kirman Smith
The future of mobile development is really easy to predict, it is developing without any problems, the service is running without any solutions. I also tarted to consider about a development of my own crowdfunding platform and https://greenice.net/how-to-buil... starting a crowdfunding platform guide is a top solution to help with it. Crowdfunding is the collection of funds for the implementation of any case.
Chris Sarca
I guess we will wait and see, since we can only speculate, my bet on the future of apps in general is on PWA (progressive web applications).
Aleks Dahlberg
@chris_sarca PWA's are certainly getting there, how about how developers themselves think about user experience, beyond the platform they are developed on
@chris_sarca I agree! Especially since it seems like more and more people would rather use an app on the web than go through the app store. By the way, I'm looking for feedback on DarkColors, a tool to easily test and mockup your website color ideas in seconds without having to design or code. Link is in my profile.
Dianna Perry
Mobile App Development has a bright future because it is a fast growing industry for business.
There is no doubt that mobile app development is on the rise. With the advent of smartphones and tablets, developers have had to create apps that are optimized for these devices. However, this doesn’t mean that app development is stagnant; in fact, it’s growing at an incredibly fast rate. There are a number of reasons for this growth, but one of the most important is that people are using more and more mobile devices. This means that app developers have to keep up with the latest trends if they want their apps to be successful. Another reason for the growth of mobile app development is the fact that people are becoming more comfortable using apps. For example, many people now use apps to book flights and hotels. This trend is likely to continue, as more and more people become familiar with how applications can be used in their everyday lives. Overall, it seems clear that mobile app development is on the rise—and there’s no indication that this trend will abate any time soon. If you’re interested in getting involved in this field, you should start learning about the latest trends right now! Check out the links : https://www.appstudio.ca/android... https://www.appstudio.ca/hire-an...
Kirman Smith
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Dario Banesr
The future is bright of course - looks like there will be a mobile app for almost everything you might need or want to do :) However, I'm sure we'll see more regulations in this domain over time. Things like WCAG already appear on the agenda, so it makes sence to think about those already now. We deliberately looked for a provider familiar with WCAG as we work with government organizations and they try to follow the standard already now. At the end of the day we ended up with using these app development services https://sigma.software/services/... because the provider was familiar with WCAG.