What are you planning to do this weekend?

Ilya Novohatskyi
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👋 Hey Hunters. Are you going to work on your side projects? Share your plans for this weekend. Would love to take a look at every comment ✨


Ilya Novohatskyi
Let me start first. I plan to work on my project called Microns. I plan to prioritise tasks for the next week, prepare newsletter issue and solve a few critical bugs. Also, I plan to read a few cool articles about growth and marketing. What about you?
Raja Simon
Hi Ilya, I got bored and I wanted to create the GA4 dashboard to customise my needs. May be like super simple dashboard to showcase few metrics.... Other than not much going on...
I'm going to work on aijobslist.com & giveawayhunter.co, and I'll start a new side-project (tiny project) that I got the idea for yesterday! It involves time travel 👀
Raja Simon
@creative_octopus Tiny ideas are great. We can build fast and launch fast and market it fast.
Nabeel Amir
As my product launch is coming near, I plan to do more awareness sessions, give demos, and keep an eye on all other tasks, so they are done on time.