What are you looking for in a website chat plugin?

Rachelle sy
5 replies
When choosing a chat plugin to integrate into your website or online event, what are some of the functions you look for? Multimedia sharing, one-on-one chats, video and audio calls, admin features, log-in page, etc.


Jhon Albert
Yes, exactly these features are mostly used and good user experience in website.
user-friendly interface, ability to export chat transcript, emoji reactions, and customizability.
Valerie Borshch
@legonaidas all that above + possibility to make neat service announcements
Siena Romes
Usually, one that could help engage with audience such as having polls, e.g., RumbleTalk. Another thing would be easy integration.
Go look at the reviews of your prospective competitors. The bad reviews will especially tell you what features are missing. The good reviews will tell you what is bare minimum to compete.