What are you building this week?

Aaron O'Leary
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Another week has begun and we are already 1 day into it, are you building this week and if so what are you building?


Documentation 💪
Arnab Barua
@aureliovolle we spent big chunk of time to do documentation properly, kind of an evil necessity, but worth it in the long run
unlearn re-learn and learning 💻
@aureliovolle Hope you breaking down into bit for quicker consumption, would love to help if possible.
Matthieu H.
Now that https://budg.co is multi-platform (iOS, Android and web) I’m building the first « premium » feature! ⚡️
Shubh Agrawal
@twmatthieuh Hey, I check out your awesome app. Is is opensource? Cause I would love to contribute to it :)
Matthieu H.
@theshubhagrwl I'm happy you like it! Unfortunately at the moment it's not but I'm thinking open sourcing the mobile app. Back-end will probably not be open.
Just shipped a Chrome Extension for SlidesWhiz 🚀
Saurabh Yadav
Just finished the MVP of FrontFix.co
Aaron O'Leary
@saurominati Ohhh, when is the launch?
Raja Simon
Working machine learning comment moderation tool for blogstreak.com
Alexander Imashev
We made a pre-release version of AR ZeroCoding tools arq.studio
Mathias Lipowski
Still working on something great!
Lauren Proctor
@aaronoleary @mixable_web Very cool. I play in the world of cocktails. I'll keep my eye out for your launch.
Eugene Hauptmann
Started a series of articles about react-native application: https://medium.com/reactivelions...
Nikolett Török
We are building a product that will close the gap between chatbots and SEO. Exciting times coming :)
Tasos Valtinos
We are launching soon an Invite-Only club with founders from YC and a few ClubHouse legends -> https://mapped.rocks/@sfclub (under development). So this week is all about UI/UX and documentation of the requirements for the launch 😻
Alex Hernandez
Just shipped a all-in-one plafrom for freelancers 😺🚀 https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Arnab Barua
building a platform to create & share product instructions
Rahul Goradia
I'm building a design kit called spectre! complete design kit, the kit gives you the power of documenting, ideating, and creating designs at light speed ⚡️. It’s going to help young designers and startups start projects in no time!
Ali Shah
Preparing our launch on PH and doing some copywriting :)
George Willaman
I'm working on my 2nd product which monitors the companies in your CRM for dozens of business signals (e.g. funding rounds, headcount growth, etc). Been having some issues outreaching and adopting early testers, but nothing worth while comes easy!
joshua mendoza
i'm building myself #hustle
Samuel Briskar
Community of Indiehackers -> https://lunadio.party/ -> Coming soon on Product Hunt