What are the most cost-effective channels while promoting your digital product?

Taylan Kaymakcı
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What are the most effective backlink and outreach channels you use to attract more users to your product apart from paid channels for the US market? I have already used: -Reddit -Slack communities -quora (I'm not so sure about the quality traffic) -blog content creation and distribution (you can suggest any dist. channels btw) -Twitter -Forums for the developer team lead, project manager, and founder personas


Giorgos Sgouridis
Also interested as I'm looking for some channels to share...
Michael Kosorukov
I found Slack communities to be one of the best, especially if you find the local closed ones and spend some time contributing the engagement you'll get in return can be really high
Amanda Trincher
I assure you there is no such thing. It all depends on your business, product, audience. We have had cases where Instagram and Pinterest were incredibly profitable. With other businesses, only Linkedin could bring in new customers. You can request a consultation from the agency https://mediaonemarketing.com.sg... who knows a lot about this